Authorized Applicator Marketing Announcement

Carlisle's SecurShield HD Composite –
Insulation and Coverboard Unite

Carlisle SynTec is pleased to announce the introduction of SecurShield HD™ Composite to its growing line of energy-efficient commercial insulation products. SecurShield HD Composite provides high performance by combining SecurShield HD ½" high-density polyisocyanurate cover board (100 psi) with SecurShield rigid polyisocyanurate roof insulation (20 psi). SecurShield HD Composite is manufactured on-line providing a monolithic panel which is stronger than laminating two separate products.

SecurShield HD Composite provides the following outstanding benefits:

  • Labor savings – less material handling than when installing iso and cover boards separately.
  • Improved resistance to high winds up to 1-285
  • High compressive strength resists damage from foot traffic
  • Achieves FM's SH-1 severe hail rating
  • Highly resistant to mold – passes ASTM C1338 Standard Method for Determining Fungi Resistance of Insulation Materials and Facings
  • Glass facers provide inherent moisture resistance

SecurShield HD provides savings in labor and material on projects that would typically require adhesive for attachment of a cover board to iso. Fewer layers of adhesive translate to less labor, providing higher profits on roof installations. SecurShield HD Composite is available in thicknesses from 2" to 4.5", achieving R-values from 11.5 to 27.2 in a single layer application.

SecurShield HD Composite achieves a Factory Mutual 1-90 wind uplift rating. Integration of SecurShield HD Composite insulation board on adhered systems qualifies for reductions in the warranty charges for higher wind speed warranties.

Please contact your Carlisle Manufacturer's Representative or Distributor if you have questions regarding this new product.

Click Here to download the complete marketing announcement.

Carlisle and SecurShield HD are trademarks of Carlisle.
© 2011 Carlisle.

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