Authorized Applicator Marketing Announcement

Carlisle Introduces Solvent-Free EPDM
Bonding Adhesive

Carlisle is pleased to announce the introduction of its Solvent-Free EPDM Bonding Adhesive. This adhesive is a high-strength, polymer-based adhesive that provides extremely fast installation, as well as excellent adhesion between various substrates and Carlisle's non-reinforced EPDM membranes and flashings.

Part Number Description Packaging
318127 Solvent-Free EPDM Bonding Adhesive 5-gallon pail

This adhesive has several advantages over typical solvent-based adhesives, such as:

  • No mixing required
  • Solvent-free and non-flammable
  • Odor-free
  • Single-sided, wet lay-in adhesive
  • Low VOC content (57 gpl)
  • 100 ft² per gallon coverage rate

Carlisle's Solvent-Free EPDM Bonding Adhesive is installed in a one-sided, wet lay-in application on horizontal surfaces. For vertical surfaces, the adhesive is used in the traditional two-sided application, and the two surfaces are mated only after the adhesive becomes tacky (approx. 15 - 20 minutes). This adhesive is a heat- and moisture-cure product, with the cure time depending upon ambient weather conditions. As such, this adhesive is to be used when the temperature is 40°F and rising while slope is limited to 1" in 12".

If you have any questions regarding this product, please contact your local manufacturer's representative or distributor.

Click Here to download the complete announcement.

Carlisle is a trademark of Carlisle. © 2012 Carlisle.

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