2012 Specification and Detail Update

Carlisle 2012 Specification & Detail Update

The recent update to Carlisle's Specifications & Details addresses the inclusion of new products and their warranty requirements, while streamlining and consolidating the number of documents to allow easy access to pertinent information. Various design enhancements have also been compiled and added in a designated section for quick reference.

The change in format of the specifications and details is significant enough that it warrants explanation. The new specifications have been grouped into four CSI Sections: EPDM, Thermoplastic, FleeceBACK® and AFX.

  • EPDM: Adhered, ballasted and mechanically fastened

  • Thermoplastic: TPO and PVC adhered and mechanically fastened. Separate attachment for RhinoBond®.

  • FleeceBACK: EPDM, TPO and PVC FleeceBACK membranes (Non-AFX) where urethane adhesive is used. Separate attachment for mechanically fastened FleeceBACK membrane.

  • AFX: EPDM and TPO AFX membranes with hot-mopped or cold-applied adhesives. Separate attachment for mechanically fastened AFX membrane.

These four Specification Sections are followed by their own installation details. The Universal Details have now been integrated with each of the different product lines, reducing the overall number of details by 53%. The details are color-coded, some with isometrics added for clarification.

An important feature of this update is the inclusion of various warranty tables which provide quick reference to warranty options available and the specific warranty requirements. These tables can be found in the warranty section (Part I) of each CSI (3-part) format Specification.

In addition to the four sections noted above, two new sections have been added to facilitate the finding of information with less repetition.

  1. Specification Supplements: Focused on various topics such as construction-generated moisture, walkway installations, heat-welding equipment and more.

  2. Design References: Information varying from code analysis, increased fastening pattern, wood nailer attachment, hail design and more.

Specifications for Garden Roofs, Metal Retrofit, and coating systems were not revised at this time and will be updated at a later date. The "Guide Specs" currently used for submittal purposes will continue to be available for each individual system and by the different product offerings.

Please direct any questions or concerns to the Carlisle Design Services team or the Project Review group at 1-800-479-6832.

Click Here to download the complete announcement, which has more in-depth information regarding the key changes in the updated specifications and details.

Carlisle and FleeceBACK are trademarks of Carlisle. RhinoBond is a registered trademark of OMG, Inc. © 2012 Carlisle.

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