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Carlisle Releases White Paper
on School Co-ops

Cooperative purchasing models sound good in theory, and for many items they are; however, when it comes to major purchases like roofing systems, co-ops may not provide the savings that many schools expect. Carlisle recently completed a white paper outlining the many negative aspects of purchasing roofing systems through cooperative purchasing models.

Most notably, roof systems purchased through co-ops can cost more than twice as much as those purchased through open bidding practices. Through Right-to-Know requests, Carlisle found that Pennsylvania schools could have saved $100 million from 2005-2010 had they not purchased roof systems through the Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies (AEPA), the most common school purchasing co-op in Pennsylvania. The AEPA handles more than $300 million in annual purchases in 26 states. It is very possible that overpayments like those experienced in Pennsylvania are common among the other 25 states where AEPA operates.

In many instances, co-ops also eliminate independent design professionals from providing oversight for major roof projects; leading to increased safety risks and added liability for school districts should problems arise.

These issues and more are covered in this new white paper, available for download here, or by clicking the link to the right. This white paper is also available on Carlisle’s website in the ‘Case Study’ section under the ‘Learn’ drop down menu.

If you’re being locked out of work due to school co-ops, this white paper can bring you up to speed on the issue and hopefully become a valuable sales tool when communicating the potential pitfalls of these programs with your customers.

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