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Manufacturer's Representative Marketing Announcement

Carlisle Updates Online NOA Form

In order to ensure the accuracy of the warranties requested by our authorized applicators, Carlisle has updated its TReX online NOA form to capture more pertinent information regarding warranted Carlisle roof systems.

The form sections listed below now have added fields that will allow the contractor to more readily request enhanced warranty offerings while providing Carlisle with needed information that may impact the warranty coverage a project receives. Instead of entering information into a "Special Conditions" text field, users will now enter their desired warranty information through a set of dropdown menus.

  • Metal Edging – The specific SecurEdge metal edging can now be selected, triggering warranties of up to 20 years for finish and providing wind speed coverage of up to 155 mph.
  • Roof Garden Information – Capability added to designate the type, depth and manufacturer of the roof garden as well as warranties for overburden or vegetation if required.
  • Government Building Information – Key installations can be tracked.
  • Photovoltaic (PV) Installations – Critical information can be secured regarding the type of PV module, attachment method and racking system to be added to a warranted Carlisle roof system.

The new online NOA procedure is effective immediately. Please contact your designated Carlisle Warranty Coordinator for more information on this change.

Click here to download the complete marketing announcement.

Carlisle and SecurEdge are trademarks of Carlisle. © 2012 Carlisle.

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