Authorized Applicator Marketing Announcement

Carlisle Introduces New Access Hatch
and Two New Glazing Options

Carlisle recently added the SunWeld™ Roof Access Hatch to its skylight product line. This self-flashing curbed unit is available in two standard sizes – 30" x 36" and 36" x 36" – and is manufactured from 14-gauge painted gray galvanized steel. Custom sizes and curb mount units are available. The curb is 12" in height with a 3.5" flange with mounting holes for roof attachment.

All hardware is corrosion-resistant and all fasteners are self-locking, and include:

  • Interior handle with positive, one-point locking mechanism and provision for padlock
  • Exterior handle with provision for padlock
  • Pre-lubricated compression springs encased in zinc-plated telescopic tubes for smooth and controlled operation in any position
  • Automatic, hold-open arm with vinyl grip
Product Code Description Weight/lbs.
320054 Self Flash Steel Access Hatch 30" x 36" 165
320055 Self Flash Steel Access Hatch 36" x 36" 210

Also available with the SunWeld Roof Access Hatch is the complimentary SunWeld Safety Grab, a railing system that attaches to either corner of the exterior hatch opening. Painted red for easy visibility, the SunWeld Safety Grab is 17" high and extends 10" outward in both directions from the corner.

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Carlisle has added super-insulating silica aerogel-filled structural polycarbonate panels as a glazing option in its SunWeld skylight product line. Low-density aerogel is a solid-state, semi-transparent material with excellent insulating properties that effectively diffuses light.

Carlisle's SunWeld aerogel-glazed unit utilizes a flat inner panel of 16mm structural aerogel-filled polycarbonate in combination with an outer dome thermoformed from prismatic acrylic. This proprietary combination of light-transmitting materials results in a glazing system that features a U-Value of 0.17 (R 5.88), a VLT (Visible Light Transmission) percentage of 48%, and a SHC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) factor of 0.42.

Aerogel is available on both curb-mount and self-flashed units. The SunWeld aerogel unit meets the most rigorous thermal requirements without sacrificing a high level of diffused visible light.

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Carlisle has added a highly reflective skylight glazing that utilizes a solar heat-blocking coating applied to various glazing substrates in daylighting applications. This high-performance, spectrally selective Low-E coating has long been limited to glass applications, but can now be applied to plastic flat sheets prior to the thermoforming process.

This coating will transmit between 30% and 70% visible light, while filtering out 50% to 95% of the infrared light spectrum. It also blocks 99.9% of UV light and prevents the fading of fabrics and furniture below the skylight.

This high-performance glazing has a number of key benefits, including:

  • Reduced cooling loads and costs>
  • Allows for smaller HVAC equipment while also increasing life span
  • Reduced peak demand and associated charges on hot sunny days
  • Meets state and local mandates for energy efficient skylights

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Carlisle and SunWeld are trademarks of Carlisle. © 2012 Carlisle.

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