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Carlisle offers a variety of fascia systems, including its premium SecurEdge 2000 or 3000XT to more economical options like SecurEdge One and EconoEdge. These fascia systems are available in a wide variety of colors and face sizes, providing unmatched securing and a perfect complement to any Carlisle single-ply roof installation.

Fascia Documents

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Complete Spec Supplement - part of Carlisle Specification **Click Below for Interactive Table of Contents **

An addition to Carlisle's roofing system specifications, these Spec Supplements represent a part of Carlisle's requirements for obtaining a roofing system warranty.

Metal Edge Wind Speed - Carlisle Golden Seal Total Roofing System Warranty - Sample Copy

Sample warranty outlining the terms, conditions and limitations for wind-speed protection for Carlisle's Kynar-finished metal edging, including, but not limited to, fascia and coping System Warranty

SecurEdge 4000 Fascia Print Approval

SecurEdge 4000 Fascia Print Approval

SecurEdge 400 Spring-Tite Gravel Stop Print Approval

SecurEdge 400 Spring-Tite Gravel Stop Print Approval

EconoEdge Roof Edge Products (H) Sell Sheet

The EconoEdge product line was developed as a competitively priced edge metal solution that meets the ANSI/SPRI ES-1 Standard and is eligible for up to a 20-year warranty for winds up to 80 mph.
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Fascia Media

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