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Carlisle EPS insulation is available in a wide variety of sizes with multiple facers. Featuring up to 25% recycled content and high R-values; EPS is truly an energy efficient and environmentally friendly product. Carlisle EPS is manufactured in nine facilities throughout the United States so it is readily available for virtually any project.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Documents

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Complete Spec Supplement - part of Carlisle Specification **Click Below for Interactive Table of Contents **

An addition to Carlisle's roofing system specifications, these Spec Supplements represent a part of Carlisle's requirements for obtaining a roofing system warranty.

A-27G Insulation/Cover Board Attachment Using Bead Adhesive

A-27G Insulation/Cover board attachment detail using bead adhesive for Carlisle-approved insulation attachment.

Carlisle Introduces ChannelDry Vented EPS Insulation Board Marketing Announcement

Carlisle SynTec Systems is pleased to introduce ChannelDry Vented EPS Insulation Board. The use of ChannelDry in conjunction with one-way and two-way relief vents allows the installation of the roof system to begin upon structural cure of concrete. ChannelDry is mechanically fastened direct to concrete decks to allow for air movement.

MF-27B Insulation/Cover Board Attachment for Projects Exceeding 15-year Warranties

MF-27B Insulation/Cover board attachment detail for Carlisle projects with warranties greater than 15 years.

A-27A Carlisle Insulation/Cover Board Attachment

A-27A Attachment detail for Carlisle insulations and cover boards
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Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Media

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