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FleeceBACK AFX EPDM Change to 4.5 Feet x 50 Feet Marketing Announcement

Carlisle recently changed its FleeceBACK AFX EPDM membranes from 5 feet x 40 feet to 4.5 feet x 50 feet.

FleeceBACK AFX / Multiple-Ply EPDM, TPO, Hot-Mopped & Cold Applied Adhered Specification and Details - 3-Part CSI Format **Click Below for Interactive Table of Contents**

3-part CSI format specification for Carlisle's adhered Multiple-Ply FleeceBACK AFX EPDM, TPO, Hot-Mopped & Cold Applied roofing systems

TPO Membrane - Gypsum Deck NOA

Miami-Dade County

TPO Membrane - Wood Deck NOA

Miami-Dade County
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