FleeceBACK RapidLock (RL™) Roofing Systems

FleeceBACK RapidLock (RL™) Roofing Systems
How Fast Was It? FleeceBACK RL PVC Installation
Report From the Field - FleeceBACK RapidLock (RL™) EPDM in Bethlehem, PA
FleeceBACK RapidLock (RL™) - Time Trial
Productivity Booster: RapidLock (RL) Roofing Systems
RapidLock System Training Webinar
Revolutionary membrane attachment method that provides a fully-adhered EPDM, TPO, or PVC system without the use of adhesives. The RapidLock (RL) system utilizes VELCRO® Brand Securable Solutions along with 115-mil FleeceBACK RL EPDM, TPO, or PVC to achieve performance on par with traditional fully-adhered single-ply systems. No stirring of adhesives or waiting for flash-off required. This roofing system provides up to 80% labor savings compared to traditional bonding adhesive and up to 25% labor savings compared to a traditional FleeceBACK system.

Awards and Recognitions:
  • "Best Commercial Product" at the 2018 International Roofing Expo
  • Roofing Contractor 2018 Editor's Choice for "New Roofing Innovation"
  • Increase your rooftop productivity by taking advantage of this and other labor-saving products from Carlisle SynTec Systems.

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    Other Productivity-Boosting Products

    Sure-Seal® Non-Reinforced EPDM With Factory-Applied Tape
    Sure-Seal® Non-Reinforced EPDM With Factory-Applied Tape

    Non-reinforced EPDM with FAT reduces the time required to create seams between membrane panels.

    Sure-Weld TPO with APEEL™ Protective Film
    Sure-Weld TPO with APEEL™ Protective Film

    Carlisle’s patented APEEL Protective Film guards the TPO membrane against scuffs and dirt accumulation during installation.

    Self-Adhering Technology (SAT™) Membranes
    Self-Adhering Technology (SAT™) Membranes

    Carlisle’s TPO and EPDM SAT membranes come with pre-applied adhesive to help you save time and labor and use less ...

    EPDM with Factory-Applied Tape – One-Packs
    EPDM with Factory-Applied Tape – One-Packs

    Factory-Applied Tape saves labor and improves the quality of EPDM seams. Single packs can be used for smaller, cut-up projects.

    FleeceBACK® FR TPO Membrane
    FleeceBACK® FR TPO Membrane

    TPO membrane intended for use in mechanically-fastened direct to combustible deck applications that require a UL Class A fire rating.

    Free Trial Materials and Incentives of
    Productivity-Boosting Products

    A Carlisle representative will be in touch to discuss the specifics of your project to determine if it is eligible.

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